Fuel Storage Tanks

Bunded Fuel Storage Tanks for various products.

Built to BS799 part 5.

Fuel Pumps

Commercial & Retail fuel dispensing pumps for both petrol & diesel.

Tank Level Contents Gauges 

Tank level content gauges which are accurate & reliable.

Tank Alarms

ATEX Fuel tank alarms for fuel tank bunds, high-level alarm, overfill alarm & low-level alarms.

230v, battery options are available. 

Fuel Link ST Management System

Web based fuel management 

solutions which monitor fuel usage in real time.

Fuel Conditioning

High quality fuel is essential. Fuel conditioning & re circulation prevent fuel from stagnating within fuel storage tanks.

HDPE Petrol Pipe

HDPE double contained electrofusion pipework is suitable for all known liquid fuels, including petrol, diesel, kerosene, ethanol, methanol in different grades, mixtures and adblue.

DoubleTrac Pipe System

DoubleTrac’s® innovative double-wall design includes a primary interior layer of zero-permeation, highly corrosion resistant corrugated stainless steel with an outer EFEP barrier layer.

Leak Detection System

Leak detection systems which monitor secondary containment of both pipe work systems & fuel storage tanks.

Adblue -DEF

AdBlue solution which will prove both cost effective and reliable. Our commitment to quality and continuous improvement remains at the core of our business philosophy.

Petrotec Fuel Pumps

Technological innovation, attractive design, functionality, value and flexibility.

Jigsaw Fuel Management

Web based fuel management 

solutions which monitor fuel usage in real time.

Electric Vehicle


We offer complete vehicle charging solutions for

commercial and fleet


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