Stainless Auto Nozzle AdBlue® Missfill Spout/Adaptor-¾" F

Stainless Auto Nozzle AdBlue® Missfill Spout/Adaptor-¾" F


Hytek Engineered Automatic Stainless Steel Nozzle For Adblue® With MisfilL Spout & AdaptorThe Hytek Engineered Automatic Nozzle is designed for fuelling Adblue® (Urea) with a flow rate of up to 60L per minute, this nozzle is constructed of a plastic body and a stainless steel spout to prevent corrosion and contamination. The nozzle shuts off the fuel flow when the Adblue® tank is full to prevent an overfill.This magnetic misfilling spout prevents AdBlue® from being dispensed into the diesel tank. The Adblue® can only be dispensed once the magnetic spout is connected to the adaptor, which is fitted to your vehicle’s Adblue® tank. This prevents the user from accidental misfueling by only allowing the nozzle to pump fuel when correctly connected.Comes with 1 year warranty.Adblue® Nozzle Features:Suitable with AdBlue® & non-drinking water.Automatically shuts off the flow of AdBlue® when the vehicle tank is full.3 position stay open latch.304 stainless steel body, Viton seals.

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