Piusi Cube 90 Diesel Box Pump (59200A) - 230V

Piusi Cube 90 Diesel Box Pump (59200A) - 230V


The CUBE RANGE of pumps are low cost & easy to operate for the small fleet operator & when meter accuracy is not of up most importance.- Can be used with new or existing above ground fuel storage tanks.- Ideal for refuelling cars, vans, light trucks, agricultural machinery, plant, forklift trucks & refrigeration units on trailers.- Suitable with diesel. Weatherproof to IP55. Self priming pump unit.- Nozzle operated motor off prevents the pump being left on. - 4 digit register, 6 digit non re-settable totaliser. Integral filter.- 4m x ¾" delivery hose with 1" ends & automatic nozzle. - Dimensions 297mm H x 378mm W x 430mm D.- Options: Drum/direct tank adaptor (CUBECON.1). Wall brackets (CUBEWB). Floor mount pedestal (CUBE70.PED). - 90L/min pump (CUBE90).

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