O.L.E C2020 Tank Gauge Kit - 0.3m-5m

O.L.E C2020 Tank Gauge Kit - 0.3m-5m


Accuracy +/-1% of tank capacity.Suitable with diesel, biodiesel up to B100, AdBlue® & antifreeze.Suits tanks 0.3m ‑ 5m high. Probe can be extended to 100m. (TGE.CABLE)Electronic display with backlight (turns off after 1 hour). Weatherproof to IP55.Gives continuous readouts in litres & shows a % bar.Power supply can be 230V, 100V or 24VDC.Includes 4‑20ma output. Can connect to a BMS (building management system).Tank probes are an electronic pressure sensor with a 1" BSPT male fitting.Level probes must be suspended 50mm from the bottom of the tank.1 gauge required per tank.

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