Fuel Tank Remote Fill Point Cabinet -2" Top Entry

Fuel Tank Remote Fill Point Cabinet -2" Top Entry


Fill Point Cabinet Features:- 2” fill point cabinet choose top, side (left/right) entry or dual top entry.- NEW 3” top entry single fill version now available.- Wall mounting steel powder coated cabinet with external mounting brackets makes installation quick & easy.- Integral drip tray with sight glass can only be removed when the fill point cabinet door is open to prevent unauthorised emptying helping to prevent pollution.- Non return valve prevents the line draining.- Lever ball valve isolates the line.- Parallel thread connection with aluminium cap helps prevent leakage.- Top or side entry weatherproof seal depends on the version chosen.- Robust hinged door with lockable handles.- Pre threaded mounting holes on the cabinet internal backplate makes the fitting of optional tank gauges & alarms quick & easy. Information:-Please note: Alarms and gauges are to be purchased separately .

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