Elaflex ZVA Slimline 2 For AdBlue®/DEF - Nozzle Only

Elaflex ZVA Slimline 2 For AdBlue®/DEF - Nozzle Only


Adblue® Nozzle Features:Choose with or without safety break swivel.Automatically shuts off the flow of AdBlue® when the vehicle tank is full.Suitable with AdBlue®.Approved for resale.3 position stay open latch, which may be disabled if required.For use with electric pumps only. Full range of spares available.Note: to avoid misfuelling this nozzle will only work when the magnet adaptor is fitted to the vehicle tank filler neck ZVA.ABADMax pressure 50psi (3.5 bar).ZVA.AB.SB:If the vehicle accidentally drives away with the nozzle still in the vehicle's tank this safety break swivel is designed to separate & seal.Prevents damage to the dispensing pump.Sheers between 175 ‑ 265lbs when force is applied.Max pressure 50psi (3.5 bar).AdBlue® is a trademark of the VERBAND DER AUTOMOBILINDUSTRIE E.V. (VDA).

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