Day Tank Re-Circulation/Fuel Conditioner Kit

Day Tank Re-Circulation/Fuel Conditioner Kit


Day Tank Re-Circulation Features:Suitable for use with diesel and heating oil.This kit recirculates & conditions fuel preventing fuel degradation inside the day tank or any tank up to 1,000 litre capacity.Ideal for use on generator day tanks when fuel is not used often or when it's critical that the fuel is kept fresh at all times.The fuel passes through a pre-filter conditioner, to prevent microbial growth incorporating a 100 micron particle filter & water drain tap makes draining excess water off easy.Fuel is automatically circulated to ensure the tank content is recirculated 1.5 times every 28 days.230V pump. Power consumption 110Ma. Pump dB rating 68.Alarms, the red LED on the front panel indicates either excess water (water sensor) or a blocked filter (low flow sensor). Both will stop the pump. A 230V output then activates when either status is triggered (can be connected to our remote warning device RWD2).When red LED is lit, check water filter & drain off any water.

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