Fuel Storage Tank Fuel Conditioner/Re-Circulation Kit - Ad

Fuel Storage Tank Fuel Conditioner/Re-Circulation Kit - Ad


Extra Features:- Large flashing beacon.- Sounder 90 dB.- Test button.- Mute button – stops sounder however leaves the beacon flashing.- Cancel/reset button – cancels the alarm when pressed but when the pump run cycle starts again it will alarm again if the fault has not been rectified.- Pump running/pump stop outputs (passive contacts) for connection to BMS system.Standard Features:- As per our standard re-circulation kit (RK).- When the pump flow rate drops below a preset limit (indicating a clogged filter) the flow switch closes & a warning light flashes (for the RKA a sounder also activates & a powerful flashing beacon replaces the RK warning light).- Can be linked to our remote warning device (RWD2).- External alarm outputs, rated at 230VAC 10A max.- 230V pump unit, inlet strainer, fuel conditioner, flow switch, filter clogged warning light, timer & mains junction box.- Mounted on a wall/tank mounting plate.- Weatherproof for outdoor use.

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