Plastic Fuel Storage Tanks

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Plastic Fuel Storage Tanks

fuel storage tank

Above Ground Plastic Fuel Storage Tanks

Plastic fuel tanks have two layers – an inner tank and an outer tank (bund) which acts as a secondary containment (a tank within a tank). In the event of a leak from the main tank, the outer layer will contain all the oil which would otherwise risk contaminating the local area.

Integrally bunded fuel tanks are the most popular kind of secondary containment. The alternative involves constructing a bund from masonry or concrete which is inconvenient, costly and makes a time-consuming installation. All of our diesel tanks are integrally bunded.

All of our bunded plastic fuel tanks are fitted with submersible pumping units, consisting of a pump, flowmeter, a delivery hose and automatic shut-off nozzle, filtration and gauge.Larger capacities also come complete with bund and overfill devices, and a lockable security cabinet containing any relevant equipment.


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