DoubleTrac Pipe Work System

Omegaflex DoubleTrac Pipe work System


DoubleTrac® Flexible Piping

DoubleTrac® installs easier – and reduces installation costs.

Like our entire line of flexible piping. DoubleTrac® flexible direct burial piping is easier to install and is less labor-intensive than rigid pipe installations. DoubleTrac® requires no special tools to assemble and can be bent by hand. The special field-attachable fittings provide a reliable metal-to-metal seal through our proven technology. What’s more, it’s supplied in continuous lengths from a spool that eliminates the need for splice joints – no electrofusion joint welding, no adhesives, no curing problems, and no leaks.

DoubleTrac® creates an environmentally safer system – and at a lower cost.

DoubleTrac’s® innovative double-wall design includes a primary interior layer of zero-permeation, highly corrosion resistant corrugated stainless steel with an outer EFEP barrier layer bonded to a Nylon 12 protective layer. The unmatched strength of stainless steel combined with the superior permeation resistance of EFEP in the secondary barrier layer combine to provide highly durable design utilizing proven materials in the industry. The interstitial space provides continuous monitoring for leak detection – making DoubleTrac® the industry’s most effective Zero Permeation piping solution.

Marina – Features and Benefits:

Routes easily along or underneath docks. The Nylon 12 outer jacket is UV stabilized and salt water resistant; no chase pipe required. Can be supplied in extra long continuous lengths; eliminating transition sumps on the dock. Additionally, a double containment flexible floating dock connector is available.

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Communications Centers – Back up Generator Features and Benefits:

Suitable for use with all diesel fuels; utilizing the DoubleTrac stainless steel fittings, all wetted surfaces are stainless steel. Secondary containment rated for 50 psig or full vacuum allowing for continuous monitoring.

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AST – Features and Benefits:

DoubleTrac’s innovative double wall design includes a UV stabilized Nylon 12 outer layer, providing excellent resistance to weathering, and chemical exposure. Elbows and tees available to facilitate installations in restricted spaces, double containment flow through maintained throughout all fittings.

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Pipe-in-pipe system for diesel transfer.

Now UL1369 Approved

DoubleTrac® pipe has been certified to the first ever specific standard for Aboveground Piping for Flammable and Combustible Liquids

This milestone sets the new standard for UK diesel generator, automotive plant and marina fuel transfer installations.

What is UL1369?
Up until 2018 there was no single design standard for fuel pipework being used aboveground in commercial or industrial applications. 
Pipe standards for process plants and other refinery style installations existed, but these were designed around welded rigid metal pipe & fittings with prohibitive purchase and installation costs which in-fact often had more leak potential due to un-flexible and excessively jointed single-skin pipework with no effective leak-detection solutions.
This forced the designers and contractors involved in fuel transfer systems to make their own risk-assessed judgements about which pipework systems to make use of on such installations, often borrowing from a variety of different standards and guidance notes.

UL1369:2018 - Setting the new standard


The UL1369 for Aboveground Fuel Piping was published as a ANSI/SCC Standard in Sep 2018.


Whilst it is an American standard, it provides invaluable context and information to global fuel system installers, and in the absence of any specific European or UK standards for aboveground fuel pipework installations should provide a benchmark for fuel system designers in the UK and Europe.

Rigourous Safety and Practical Use Testing


Since the standard was published, DoubleTrac® pipework has been undergoing testing and analysis by UL to prove it can meet the requirements set out.

In September 2020 DoubleTrac was approved and certified as UL1369 listed.

To win this approval DoubleTrac® has met all of the below requirements and tests:

  • 'General Use Rating' for fuel transfer on-ground, in buildings or through duct & sumps.

  • 'Special Use Rating' option for “Marina Use” on fixed or semi-floating docks (additional corrosion resistance & tide cycle testing).

  • Compatibility with common fuels (Diesel, Gasoline E0-E85, etc.) 

  • Special Fuel Rating option for fuel blend stocks (B100, E100, M100) 

  • Special Liquid Rating option for special flammable liquids, chemicals or unclassified liquids (AdBlue) 

  • Temperature Rating @ -30 °C & 50 °C. 

  • Fire Resistance Rating at least 30 min - 2 HOUR FIRE TESTED

  • Various Mechanical Strength tests (pressure/vacuum)

  • Various Physical Abuse tests (Drop, impact, puncture, pipe and fitting torque, tension, compression, bending, support bracket)

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