OLE Tank Level Gauge System

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OLE Tank Level Gauge Systems

OLE Tank Level Gauge System

OLE Tank Level Gauge System Applications:

Single or Multiple Tank Gauge systems for any liquid or solid. Any tank shape can be programmed in this system. Designed for Safe area installation.  (For EexiaIIc, Atex Zone 0/1 can be accommodated, see Z5020-ATEX Family)

OLE Tank Level Gauge System Sensor Options:

Any 4-20 milliamp device can be used to measure the product.  As standard OLE utilise pressure transmitters. (Pressure transmitters come with 12 months warranty) 

OLE Tank Level Gauge System Options of Ultrasonic and Radar are available:

DP sensors are offered for pressurised tanks, either intrusive for ambient liquids, or external for cryogenic applications. See T5020-ATEX tank gauge system family


OLE Tank Level Gauge System Communications:

The T5020 provides an RS485 Modbus RTU connection into any suitable reader, or can be made into a remote gauge by the addition of an OLE  T3100 GPRS web logger and Theft detector and e-mailer.

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