OCIO Tank Level Gauge System

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OCIO Tank Level Gauge Systems

OCIO Level Gauge System
  • Hydrostatic tank level contents gauge. 230V. Digital display.

  • Weatherproof unit to IP55 suitable for outside mounting.

  • Suits tanks 0.6 ‑ 4m high (12ft). ½” M BSPP tank fitting for tank/tube.

  • Accuracy +/‑ 1% of full scale (+/‑ 40mm).

  • Gives continuous readout in litres, mm & %.

  • Readout can be sited up to 10m away from tank. (50m option).

  • 1 gauge required per tank. Min. tank depth 60cm.

Please note:

  • We are happy to set these gauges up for you at no extra cost, 24 hours from receipt of our tank questionnaire.

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