Leachate Storage Tanks

leachate storage tank
West Fue Systems Limited

Leachate Storage Tanks

West Fuel Systems Limited, have supplied bunded fuel storage tanks for over 20 years, which includes the supply of leachate storage tanks for the collection of contaminated groundwater. Our Leachate storage tanks are designed to hold contaminated ground water which is being extracted from land reclamation sites. Commonly called leachate, this ‘water’ can be highly corrosive, toxic or acidic dependent on what the site has been used for previously. Once the leachate storage tank is full or the project has ended the contents are then transferred to a road tanker for removal to an appropriate waste facility site for treatment and safe disposal. The leachate storage tanks that West fuel systems supply are manufactured with extra stiffening and a specialised protective paint coating both inside and out. This provides a robust solution for the containment of leachate ground water.



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