Leak Detection Systems

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Leak Detection Systems

The leak detection systems that West Fuel Systems Limited supply & install are all manufactured to the highest quality and monitor both double walled pipework and fuel storage tanks with vacuum leak detection systems or pressure leak detection systems which adhere to the highest environmental protection levels in accordance to EN 13160. Our leak detection systems consists of leak detectors and leak indicators which monitor fuel storage tanks and dual contained fuel lines continuously for all leaks. Leak detection systems for fuel storage tanks or leak detectors for fuel lines work on over pressure or under pressure and may be be supported by a leakage sensor or a leak probe. 

Millions of fuel storage tanks and dual contained pipe work systems are monitored by leak detection systems that ensure the protection to our environment. As the leak indication is given by an leak indicator before stored liquid can enter the environment, these systems are also well known as a leak prevention system. 


West Fue Systems Limited

LAD-R Double Skin Pipe Leak Detector - Pressurised

Leak Detection System

The LAD-R pressure type leak detector contains the following elements in an impact-resistant housing display elements and controls, a printed circuit board with the electronic components for processing the output signal and connections for the remote pressure gauge with two switching contacts or individual high and low pressure switches as required.

The LAD-R monitors the over/under pressure in the interstitial space of a pipe or storage tank and generates an alarm signal in the case of a pressure drop or increase.

The alarm is indicated audibly and visibly and is also available via a voltage-free relay contact (1 changeover contact). The switch points for low and high pressure can be adjusted via the two switching contacts of the remote pressure gauge by means of an adjustment spanner. The total monitored interstitial space volume must not exceed 1200 litres per LAD-R.

Constructed of aluminium, the manifolds are available with 1 to 6 connections and fitted with a 1, 5 or 10 bar pressure gauge according to requirements . Connections are designed for 6mm plastic or copper pipes.

Supplied with one way manifold as standard.

**Please note that the LAD-R is built to order - Delivery time is typically 10-14 days from when order is placed**

West Fue Systems Limited

ASF Leak Detector Type D29 - Pressure Principle


Leak Detection System
  • The leak detector is used to monitor non-pressurized underground/aboveground double-walled pipelines.

  • For monitoring of water-polluting liquids, and flammable liquids having a flash point of < 55°C.

  • The interstitial space of the double-walled pipeline must be suited for the connection and operation of this leak detector.

  • The leak detector can be used for monitoring of several underground pipelines utilizing a manifold.

The leak detector must be mounted outside the hazardous area (ex-zone)!

Operating Conditions

  • The double-walled pipelines must be depressurized.

  • Leak detection fluid may not be present in the interstitial space of the container.

  • Appropriate manifolds together with a D29 leak detector may only be used for monitoring underground pipelines.


  • Installation of a potential free relay.

  • Installation in protective casing with exterior alarm and heating.

  • Mounting kits for connection to pipelines and manifolds.

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