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Fuel Management Systems

More & more commercial transport organisations that refuel their own fleets are installing fuel management systems. These relatively inexpensive systems link the refuelling hardware with sophisticated reporting software & so allow for much greater visibility & accountability with regards to fuel stocks, consumption & usage.

One of the biggest barriers to purchasing a fuel management system is simply uncertainty about all the options available & what exactly your organisation requires. This guide will explain many of the key considerations & options, help you to make an informed decision about what you require.

At its simplest, a fuel management system records the amount of fuel in storage across multiple locations, & tracks the amount dispensed, so that reports can be provided about remaining stocks & usage levels. Modern systems, however, are far more advanced. These use unique keycards or data tags to track refuelling of individual vehicles as well as PIN numbers to track drivers & staff, & make detailed customised reporting available from anywhere in the world, 24/7, using web-based software.

What Is a Fuel Management System

Fuel costs can account for upto one third of all fleet operation costs . For a fleet to be efficient and achieve maximum profitability a continuous fuel management system is a must. The FUELLink ST fuel management system which West Fuel Systems Limited supply's is a user friendly fuel management system. Connecting up to four existing or new fuel pumps, providing complete security and accountability of fuel usage for commercial transport businesses. The system comprises two parts - the Fuel-Link ST fuel management system and web based Fueltrans software, operating on a remote PC collecting refuelling data from the Fuel-Link fuel management system and providing a whole host of totalling & analysing tools. 


The system is supplied with a GPRS high gain arial and modem connection, this allows you to install the system with the minimum site disruption. Simply fit and power up the Fuel-Link fuel management system terminal, log into the user friendly Fueltrans web based software and start effectively managing your fuel stocks.

   Fuel Link ST Fuel Management System