Below Ground Fuel Storage Tanks

West Fue Systems Limited

Below Ground Fuel Storage Tanks

Below ground fuel storage tank

 The below ground fuel storage tanks which are supplied supplied by west Fuel Systems Limited are fully tested and certified to comply with BS EN 12285:Part 1 specification and on completion of manufacture are externally blast cleaned to SA 2.5 followed by a coating of solvent-free polyurethane. The coating receives a 100% pin-hole high voltage spark detection test to confirm complete paint coverage. Submerged-arc welding inside and out, ensures high quality and maximum weld integrity resulting in a higher finished product strength. This quality is consistent from one fuel storage tank to the next. To offer flexibility of use our below ground fuel storage tanks can be built to provide multi-fuel usage including Petrol, Diesel, Bio Fuels, Kerosene and AdBlue*. 


* Please note a special lining may be required.



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